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 National Books Awards authors discuss writing, April 30, 2012, Lansing Online News

 An Interlude with Bonnie Jo Campbell, April 3, 2011, Lansing Online News
 GalleyCat talks to NBA finalists about the recession, Nov. 18, 2009


 CCLaP / Podcast 84: Bonnie Jo Campbell, March 26, 2012
 Montana Public Radio / The Write Question, January 12, 2012
 Michigan Radio / Artpod: An Interview with Bonnie Jo Campbell, July 27, 2011
 American Public Media / The Dinner Party, July 1, 2011
 National Public Radio interview with Steve Inskeep, November 26, 2009
 WBEZ interview with Donna Seaman, November 17, 2009
 Michigan Radio interview with Jennifer Guerra, November 17, 2009
 Michigan Radio podcast
 Ben Evans interview for Fogged Clarity
 Michigan Writers Series interview with Stephanie Mathson, January 24, 2003
 Pen on Fire Interview with Marrie Stone, June 19, 2010


 Detroit Free Press interview/article by Christopher Walton
 Chicago Tribune interview/article by Julia Keller
 Chicago Tribune follow up interview/article by Julia Keller
 Maud Newton website interview with Susan Ramsey, November 17, 2009
 The Rumpus interview with Stacy Muszinsky, November 18, 2009
 National Book Foundation interview with Bret Anthony Johnson, November 2009
 77 Square (Madison, WI) interview/article by Heather Lee Schroeder
 Kalamazoo Gazette interview/article with Linda Mah
 Grand Rapids Examiner interview with Robert Duffer, July 17, 2009
 Chicago Reader interview with Jack Helbig
 360 Main Street Interview by Jeremy Benson, April 9, 2010
 Kenyon Review Online interview with Geeta Kothari, July 2008
 Bookish Us interview with Jessi July 17, 2009
 Papercuts Interview with John Gorman, November 5, 2009
 The Smoking Poet Interview/article by Zinta Astairs
 Kalamazoo Gazette interview with Lynn Turner, August 10, 2010
 Emerging Writers Network interview with Dan Wickett, February 22, 2003
 AltDaily interview with Dana Staves (Old Dominion University)
 Monica Friedman interviews BJC, October 2002
 Andrew’s Book Club mini-interview
 Univ. of Chicago Maroon interview/article by Yasmeen Hussain, Nov. 17, 2009
 Jeff VandeZande reviews AS on his blog

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